Thursday, March 25, 2010

Useless efforts

The efforts are not useful at all.
Thousands of calories spent
in the pursuit of a ghost
which we thought a treasure
of manhood, of mastery.

You can never tell, but at least
you need to have seen
horrors and the smile of fortune.
That old elusive lady
daring my skills.


  1. Esfuerzos inútiles

    Los esfuerzos no resultaron del todo inútiles.
    Miles de calorías gastadas
    en la persecución de un fantasma
    que pesábamos un tesoro
    de madurez y maestría.

    Puede que nunca hable, pero por lo menos
    necesitas haber visto
    horrores y la sonrisa de la .
    Asi, esquiva anciana
    de atrevidos son mis concimientos.

    Uff. que díficil Ridao.

    In my dictionary say pursuit. Pursue is a verb ¿?¿

    Kisses and good saturday.

  2. It's a pleasant effort for me to read your english poetry. That old lady perhaps will surrender before your skills. See you soon.

  3. You're right, mangeles. It´s a mistake: pursue is the verb, and pursuit the noun.

    I wish your words will come true, "tocayous". I'd like to see you soon. We'll meet sooner or later.

    My greetings.

  4. Old but still a beautiful lady ... isn't she?

    I love the word "elusive", me encanta...

  5. Beautiful, but very very elusive. I love the word too, Aurora.