Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Two poems a month;
A penny for the originals.
Excellence needs tough work,
As if poets were miners,
Workers with their filthy hands
Strained and destroyed by writing.

I know a genious
That wrote her best poem
In five minutes,
While talking to her mother.


  1. Rapidez

    Dos poemasen un mes;
    Un centavo por los originales.

    La excelencia necesitatrabajo duro,
    como si los poetas fueran mineros
    trabajando con los cinco dedos de cada mano,
    presionados y destrozados por lo escrito.

    Conozco un genio
    que escribió su mejor poema
    en cinco minutos,
    mientras hablaba a su madre.



  2. I don't speaking english! As you want que I know the poems que you write? If you write in sevillanish... the Virgin of the Macarena and the tower of gold! I shit to the bad bitch!

  3. Thank you again, mangeles. You neeed not to translate every poem, but I'm glad you come to this new blog.

    Mr. Dyhego, mysoul (miarma). Viva Seville and olé, but I'm writing in English. I shit on the deads.

    Two hugs.

  4. My son, the is the first and the last "vez que" I "entro" in your blog bycause I don't "sé" nothing.
    Thank you, mister Ridao, for your "respuesta".
    I want "que" you "pases" a good nigth with your family. I'm anonymous "que" delete the "entrada" in the another blog, the blog as Good "manda", in spanish.
    Good night. Very your son is a phenomene of the nature. "Seguro que" your Miguel is a boy intelligent and good person.
    And the theme of Gibraltar, for a another occasion.
    Hugs for you, monster of the Guadalquivir river!

  5. Very currated your comment. I love spanglish, amigo murcianish. You can visit me aunque no entiendas nothing, and please don´t delete comments, I like them all.

    Gur nai.

  6. Mysoul, miarma?
    I believe that there is a mistake of translation.

    An embrace, myweapon.

  7. It's much better myweapon, Álex. Thanks a lot.