Thursday, March 4, 2010


A kiss for your thoughts;

One million for your smile.
But I couldn't pay for your drops
made of sadness,
poorer than your laughter;
sincere and overwhelming
like a purifying rain
falling from a goddess
into my deepest, unknown soul.


  1. Could tell that through this piece: though pop gives tears a shinny beat, especially if dealing with dishy Hutchence...

  2. No doubt they're different tears, but tears at last, which are always purifying.

    Thanks for coming, Rocío.

  3. A pence for your thoughts, it's said in english, i think; from it you've writen a very original poem. See you soon.

  4. What means "thoughts"? I don't find it in my diccionary how noun.


    Good weekend

  5. Thoughts son Pensamientos, Mangeles, es un refrán, un dicho inglés, "un penique por tus pensamientos..."

    For God's shake, or by Jove in any case... Ridao, estás desatao ;-)

    Let me say that afer all it is being much more than two poems in a month, and if I think for a while... if you write now two blogs... one in english, the other one in spanish...

    How on earth you find the time to do them both?

    Impressed by the way you find the time, yours truly y con cariño, of course


  6. Thank you Aurora...much.


  7. thank you Aurora...very much...Kisses

  8. That's it, José Miguel: a wordplay.

    Pensamientos, mangeles, as Aurora's told you. Godd weekend for you as well (good Sunday, indeed).

    Aurora, maybe I have the time because I get fixed on my blogs and I don't read and commentt in others as before. A bit selfish but, as you use to say, there are no rules in Boguiland.

    Thank you for coming, as usual.

  9. ¿os imagináiss Ridao y Mangeles y demás... a los españoles diciéndonos los unos a los otros "¡una pela por tus pensamientos!"... ?????? Vamos, que se los decimos sin que nos paguen... ni nos ofrezcan ná de ná ... amos anda... el dicho se entiende en el british context, por Dió, omme...

    JM, as you (and other people ;-) say
    thank's God there is no law
    to blog life or death...

    and even if Britain don't rule
    any more the waves nor internet
    (not sure about the last,
    anglosaxon power is to fear as this blog shows any way...)
    I really appreciate
    your kind answering to our comments...

    And by Jove, have a good day
    and best regards

    Hala, un beso pa los 4 mosqueteers (lo he escrito mal, lo sé)
    joé, estoy desatá.

  10. Aurora: the less I can do to thank you for coming and comment here in English is answering carefully every one of you. "Anglosaxon power is to fear as this blog shows anyway...". A great and scaring truth; something to think about.

    Have a good end of day, and night, and tomorrow...