Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hollow town

I don’t like towns
Nor do I like frantic people
Rushing to nowhere
As sad as hell,
As hopeless as a stone,
As empty as a hollow,
Piece of meat.


  1. I dare to say you aren't very optimist today. people are people, selfish and blind, but your poem is goog notwhitstanding.

  2. I've written the poem in the distance from my present feelings, but I consider it´s realistic; you only have to assume it. And of course it is subjective; that is my reality, not other's.

    Thank you, as usual.

  3. We don't need another hero,
    Bycause my name is Lukas,
    and New York, New York,
    Call me, call me,
    We are the world, we are the children,
    Yellou submarine, yellow submarine,
    Imagine, imagine...

    True "que" my poeme of titles of song is very
    imaginative and "digno" of your blog, monster of the Guadalquivir river?

  4. Very "digno", my friend, of course. And I am a monster... "of ugly".

  5. yes, yes, you're ugly, more ugly,very ugle, uglefull and I dont "sé" more.
    Salutations and congratulations for you, alajar man ugli.
    Me ha gustado eso de ugly, que no lo sabía.

  6. "Alajar man ugly" is splendid. Thank you.