Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sadness in the core of darkness;

Sadness as a knife cutting my throat;
Sadness in the living;
Sadness in the dead;
Sadness heavier than a hundred concrete russian buildings;
Sadness at dawn;
Sadness at sunset;
Sadness and tears burning to the end;
Sadness, sadness, sadness,
Blended with my blood for ever.
¡O sadness, be my friend!


  1. Could it be that to feel such sadness were compatible with being (moderately?) "happy"?

    I mean, ... as if to be not content but earthly happy one would need the constant shadow of some kind of sadness... as your poem shows ... to remind one... precisely that one is quite happy... amongm and beyond ,all that sadness blended with blood and life.

    Felicidades a la contraparte (la segunda parte contratante de la ... que diría Groucho Marx)

  2. I do not believe, my sir Ridao, that so many sadness could be good.
    When the sadness gets hold of everything it begins the death.

    Be happy and excuse my English.

  3. Marvelous video. Thanks a lot, eresmicruz. And what they sing is true. Song to enjoy; lyrics that make you think. So sad...

  4. I agree with you, Aurora. Happiness must live toghether with sadness. Otherwise it would be futile.

    Thanks for the greetings. I gave them to Lola.

  5. Not so much sadness, Maile, but a little bit is even good. Sweet sadness, if possible. Black sadness is very near to death.

    Let´s be happy both of us.