Friday, May 14, 2010

In God's name

In God's name we die;

In God's name we kill;
In God's name we cry;
In God's name we pay our bill.

In God's name we love;
In God's name we hate;
In God's name we blacken the white dove;
In God's name we accept our fate.

In God's name we make peace;
In God's name we marry each other;
In God's name we kill at ease;
In God's name we slain our brother.

Good and evil, hand in hand
Are in your name.
Life and death, blood in the land,
The human race's shame.


  1. We do many things in the God's name, but God hasn't spoken ever, perhaps because the same God doesn't already exist for humans.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. Who knows, Noray? God's a mistery.

    Welcome to Chop Poetry. I had a good Sunday, thanks a lot.

  3. Much better, eresmcicruz. Love rather than god. The Love of God is OK.

  4. José Miguel reading your poem
    this end. I do not know if it's more correct.
    Is the first time I dare to write in English verses.

    Written in the mud and the fire of His hands
    In the blood of our fathers,
    Cain and Abel,
    life and death.


  5. Excelent verses, dear Ramón. There's a problem in the rhyme. I've used consonant rhyme ABAB, and I want to keep it to the end.