Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So it must be

Srength of fire, of wind and lightning, a furious power in the heart of the planet. Damage, misery and destruction, more insane than a thousand wars. Humans can't bare with fatality; destiny doesn't belong to us, nor to any invented God. Slave of Nature, chained to Earth, we wonder around the night, and at daybrake we take our poor souls to shelter upon a bunch of artificial flowers which prove to be blacker than the blackest hole.

This is the history of mankind. So it has been; so it is; so it must be; so it will be to the end of our race.


  1. My good, dear Ridao: Your sentences are interessants sobre all bicause I dont' comprendo nothing!!!
    Congratulations for your blog in english!
    Ridao for number one of all blogs in english!

  2. No sé qué del fuego del viento la luz de no sé qué, del poder furioso del corazón del planeta.
    Lástima de miseris y destrucción, peor que no sé qué de la guerra. No sé qué con la fatalidad. Nuestro destino no sé qué lo inventa Dios. Los eslavos de la naturaleza, encadenados a la Tierra, no sé qué la maravilla de la ncohe y no sé qué nosotros no sé qué de flores artificiales no sé qué de un agujero.
    La historia de no sé qué. No sé qué, no sé qué del fin de la raza.

    Please for you, my english is cada day mejor.

  3. Don't worry, Dyhego. I don't understand one carajo tampoco. My olla went flying. I promise I didn't smoke any canuto.