Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clam haiku

old pond
a clam leaps... ¡chop!
lust in the water


  1. and the comentaires is necessari are in britanixh or I make in spanish, murcianish or french?
    Mai Gud, di sis barbarity big big

  2. My Charles is rich, too.

    Viejo estanque
    Una almeja salta ¡chuleta¡
    Lujuria en el agua.


  3. Never forget the so acclaimed mussels (poor Molly Malone...)
    Love ur new blog!

  4. I like it very much, and I will do my best to follow this blog. Congratulations tocayous of the soul

  5. Jose Miguel, que digo yo, que aquí podemos comentar en español o no? o es un blog de estos de inmersión liguistica? vamos, lo mismo que pregunta Dyhego.
    Yo me adapto a todo. Por aqui me vas a tener, y si luego en alguna reunión suelto alguna barbaridad en inglés, te echaré la culpa a tí.

  6. Murcianish will be perfect, Mr. Dyhego.

    You're a lovely translator, mangeles. My official one.

    Rocío: mussles will never be forgotten, I promise. You´re welcome to my humble corner.

    What a surprise, my dear tocayous! I'll wait eagerly for your visits, as well as your advices.

    Thank thee, oh José María!

    You can comment in Spanish, Maite, but I'll answer in English, in barbaric English.

    I thank you all in my new blog's first day.

  7. Fortunately, I like brave people.

  8. Glorïosa: Fortunately, I'm not a coward.

    Thank you, Oak Leaves.

    My greetings.

  9. La traducción "oficial" de google es muy buena:

    viejo estanque
    salta un clam ... ¡Rápido!
    la lujuria en el agua


    Un abrachop (¿cómo se dice abrachop en inglés, Mr?

  10. so, in short and if I may ask... is this going to be a corner for your own poetry in english or... are you open to other poets's work (english or american I mean...)?

    Just in case you're interested in the second (and even bearing in mind you already know much more than me of the field...) I am sending you several things "in english" (Cummings, Dykinson and some other)... thay might be of your interest...

    Best regards and best wishes


  11. Mr. Google is a genious, Juan Antonio. There's no translation for "abrachop". Here's my abrachop for you.

  12. Aurora: I'll be delighted to receive those poems. This blog is open to everething related to Poetry. When I translate an English poem into spanish I'll do it in my Andurriales, but it's a great idea to transcribe the work of other poets in English and comment them.

    Thank you for coming to this new blog.